Products Made the Right Way. Always.

This Is About More Than Just Footwear.

Meller Moss is deeply committed to improving the environmental and social impact of our products and operations, and we constantly strive to find ways to achieve this goal. We hold our manufacturers and suppliers to the highest ethical standards, ensuring that their practices align with our core brand values. Although we are a relatively small company, we go the extra mile to make a meaningful and positive contribution to the world.

The Practice Of Ethically Sourcing Materials Or Goods. 

Every day, we wake up with excitement to create products that we're proud of – not only in terms of achieving the highest quality, but also by doing so in an ethical way. We source all of our bovine leather from Tier 1 UK cattle, demonstrating our commitment to responsible sourcing. Our tannery partners provide traceable material records and have received high ratings from the Leather Working Group (LWG) for their environmental and chemical management practices. We make it a point to visit all our key material suppliers in person regularly and require similar audit documentation from our hardware, lace, and sole manufacturers. Given the prevalence of unfair labor and environmental practices in the shoe and leather industries, our goal is to set a higher standard.

The Practice of Responsible Manufacturing.

Apart from providing superior craftsmanship, our manufacturing partners have demonstrated a strong commitment to fair labor practices and environmental responsibility. We conduct in-person audits of all our manufacturing partners at least once per quarter, with our Head of Production or another member of our team present, to verify compliance with labor regulations and adherence to operational and waste management protocols.

The Mellers

Meller Moss's team extends beyond our co-founders, equity-holding employees, and manufacturing partners. We acknowledge and appreciate everyone involved in the creation of our products, including those who dedicate their lives to making the materials we use and the local communities where those materials are made. We also consider our amazing customers to be part of our team. We feel honored to have the opportunity to create products that we love and to make a positive impact on the lives of everyone in the Meller Moss family. Thank you to each and every one of you for your contributions. We call them #TheMellers